Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin's “Today” Co-Hosting Stint

"You're there to talk about party planning with Tori Spelling!"

After Sarah Palin's buzzed-about co-hosting stint on "Today," Jon Stewart dedicated a lengthy segment on Tuesday's edition of "The Daily Show" to dissecting the former GOP vice presidential nominee's "homespun nonsense."

Although most of Palin's "Today" appearance revolved around light-hearted (decidedly apolitical) subject matter—the 1990s pop group Wilson Phillips, party planning with Tori Spelling, Oprah Winfrey's cable channel—Stewart slammed Palin's assertion that she was going to "go rogue" and "infiltrate" the "lamestream media."

Stewart offered a wordy take on Palin's political calculation.

"I think [going rogue] means you're cynically exploiting a manufactured notion of yourself as a crusader against a monolithic exclusionary activist liberal media, whilst actually enjoying a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship with them — only to the detriment to the rest of the country," Stewart said.

"It's the 'Today' show!" Stewart added. "You're there to talk about party planning with Tori Spelling!"

Near the end of the segment, Stewart pivoted to a field segment filed by correspondent John Oliver, who interviewed Palin supporters outside Rockefeller Plaza before and during her much-touted appearance.

Watch the two video clips below for the full segment:

John Oliver's on-the-ground expose:

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