“Jersey Shore” Season 3 Trailer Promises Debauchery, More Fist Pumping

Fear not, fans of the fist pump, and disciples of the most holy order of GTL—“Jersey Shore” season 3 will soon be here!

MTV recently released a 30-second promo trailer celebrating a new season of drunkenness, “smooshing,” and Snooki.

What can be expected from this season? For starters, the gang is back in Seaside Hights, N.J., and, according to Vinny, “There will definitely be more hookups.” Though Angelina is no longer part of the cast, we’re introduced to the newest Guidette, Deena Cortese, who, according to the Daily News, is one of Snooki’s gal pals.

There’s also a clip of Snooki on a boardwalk, trying to locate the nearest beach. “It’s right there!” a bemused beachgoer says, pointing to the ocean right behind them. Though Snooki is successful at finding the beach, the sand proves too much, and she face plants.

The cast of "Jersey Shore" has certainly been keeping busy.  Ronie has been indicted for a bar fight he had in 2009, Jwoww is busy promoting her book, and Snooki is preparing to descend upon Times Square on New Year's Eve.

The new season airs January 6th on MTV, leaving ample time for fans to work on that lovely Jersey glow.

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