David Blaine: Water Rescue Claim Awash in Inaccuracy

"We just went for a little swim," the stuntman said

Apparently, it was all an illusion.

Daredevil magic man David Blaine -- who once remained submerged in water for seven days -- claims he didn't need to be rescued from the rough surf this weekend in the Hamptons, according to the New York Post.

"We just went for a little swim," the prestidigitarian told the paper. "The hurricane had subsided." 

The self-promoting stuntman was hanging out with a few pals at Mecox Beach in the Hamptons over the weekend when he ignored a warning sign that cautioned against swimming in the rough surf conjured up by Hurricane Bill.

He was later escorted out of the water by two lifeguards, according to the Post.

"I did swim back myself, " he told paper. "There were cameramen all around. If they saved me, wouldn't there have been pictures?" 

The slick illusionist used his talents to bemuse a fire marshal who had showed up the night before at Georgica in Wainscott, L.I., because the parking lot was overcrowded. Blaine ended up doing card tricks for the official, a witness told the Post.

"The marshal seemed impressed," an insider told the Post. 

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