Dave Matthews Hitchhikes to Own Show

A tire blowout during a pre-show bicycle ride sees a grateful Matthews accept transport from fans on way to performance

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John Hancock

Ah the kindness of strangers.

Rocker Dave Matthews found himself needing transportation to his own gig when he blew a bicycle tire while out for a pre-show ride in Hershey, Pa., on the weekend.

"I did not have a cell phone on the bicycle. So I thought, 'Sh*t," he recalled that same night at his show at Hersheypark Stadium. "And then a nice lady named Emily rode up in a red car with a bicycle rack on it and gave me a ride on to the gig."

Lucky for Matthews, DMB fan Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were on their way to the concert when they spotted the singer on the side of the road and pulled over. Matthews accepted their kind offer to provide a ride, and the trio headed to the show.

“We didn’t know how to make conversation with him, so we were talking about his tour and where he had come from,” Kraus told WPXI Channel 11 in Pittsburgh of the encounter.

Matthews expressed his gratitude by taking the couple to dinner, providing front row seats at the concert and inviting them backstage, according to reports.

Kraus, a Dave Matthews fan since she was 9, said the whole scenario felt like a dream when she awoke the next morning. Luckily there was physical proof to back up her experiences. 

Matthews had signed the pair's concert tickets with the message: "Thanks for the ride."

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