Courthouse Cake Caper: Suspect’s Sweet Tooth Leads to Capture

Man Had a Serious Sweet Tooth

In a bizarre incident captured on surveillance video at a Kelso, Wash. courthouse, a man stole a handful of birthday cake then went back for seconds before being taken down by deputies, KGW Portland reported.

Tina Ghee and her sister carried a pink box through the security checkpoint at Cowlitz County Hall of Justice. Inside the box was a birthday cake.

"We had a little dog in the car and he would've ate it," said Ghee. "We thought it would be safe to bring it in with us."

Moments after Ghee and her sister set the boxed cake on a table, a man with an apparent sweet tooth zeroed in on it.

"Next thing you know he turns around and grabs a hand full of it and he starts eating it and he walks away," said Ghee.

The guy was so bold he returned for seconds. Deputies were not amused. They tackled the man before he could grab thirds.

"I've never seen anything like this in my life," said Ghee.

The man faces theft charges. A local supermarket made a second cake free of charge.


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