Moo Times Two: Calf Born With Two Heads

Calf born with rare condition "polycephaly," but healthy

A newly born two-headed calf is calling a Whiting, Vt., dairy farm home.

"It just was something different for us today," said dairy owner Kirstin Quesnel. "Just like with humans we have some abnormalities with animals and animal births and this just happened to be one of them."

The condition, called polycephaly, is extremely rare. The calf was supposed to be a twin, but the egg inside the mother failed to split.

"We had a vet take a look at her earlier today to check all of her signs, and she seems to be doing very well," Quesnel said.

The calf spent much of Wednesday sleeping and getting her photo taken. She is also trying to walk, but her neck is not strong enough to carry the weight of two heads.

Otherwise, she’s perfectly healthy, but without a name.

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