Baldwin's Accused Stalker's Emails Demand Love, “Jewels”

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Dramatic emails written in 2011 and 2012 by Genevieve Sabourin to Alec Baldwin chronicle the accused stalker's demands for attention, affection and wordly goods.

The emails, released to NBC New York by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office Tuesday, also contain threats to the actor that she would go public with her story and frequent requests for Baldwin to come to her emotional and physical aid. Others are more straightforward, such as one from August 2011 simply stating: "I want to be your wife now." Messages from Baldwin to Sabourin, if any, were not released by the DA's office.

"30 Rock" star Baldwin and the DA's office maintain it's a case of an acquaintance with a movie star turning into harassment. Sabourin, a small-time Canadian actress, claims it was a romantic relationship that soured.

During testimony Tuesday Baldwin described the attentions of Sabourin as "nightmarish," and said that her fascination with him grew from a casual lunch meeting in 2000. Over a decade later Baldwin says Sabourin was bombarding his phone with up to 30 voicemail messages in a single evening before turning up unannounced in March 2012 at the Amagansett, N.Y. and Manhattan homes Baldwin shares with his wife Hilaria.

A missive dated Nov. 21, 2011 reads: "Can you see that all I am asking is in fact for you, for your project, for your benefit? You have nothing to loose [sic], accept and start walking into your path NOW!"

The email then goes on to list that "In order to get there" Sabourin would need: "Alliance in all respect; a new house in NY and MTL; a new wardrobe, car and jewels... all of what I need to fonction [sic]; the best ccm and care to up grade and maintain my youth, health and beauty; travels; Financial security and independence; your public, personal and sincere reconnaissance, commitment and respect; your fidelity; options to grow, learn, evolvel and create; care for my mother (so I could have peace of mind)..."

In return for the above Sabourin writes that she will "become the most sexy, beautiful and exciting woman you never had" and will take Baldwin to where he needed to "become the man you dream of being."

Another email from that same date addresses Baldwin's then-girlfriend Hilaria. "You are investing and giving a lot to Hilaria and what are you really getting back from her? Is this romance is leading toward your aspirations? Non [sic], time to be responsable and take controle of your destiny. It's time to decide your future," Sabourin wrote, adding, "You need an experience partner, an ambassador and leverage...not a charming distraction. ... Stop sabotaging your credibility and chances."

What "chances" Sabourin is referring to are not made clear.

In a March 20 message Sabourin threatened what she would eventually do: turn up uninvited at Baldwin's home. It was the same month that Baldwin had announced his engagement.

"I've got your EH [East Hampton] address and road to get there," Sabourin wrote, adding that she had information on how to access his Manhattan apartment building and threatens to change her name, take yoga classes and become Hilaria's "best friend." Hilaria is a yoga instructor. Sabourin ends the email with "... ACT LIKE THE MAN I KNOW YOU ARE AND YOU OPEN UP TO ME RIGHT NOW ... DO WHAT'S WRIGH [sic] BEFORE I CROSS THE BOARDERS."

In April of that year Sabourin emailed the actor saying that "the announcement of your engagment is to painful for me and so destructive, I just died," and "in a soft way to 'kill' myself and this pain, I'll transform my self and my life completely..." She finished by writing, "I'll never be this candid little smiling/giving/nice.. naive and caring blonde girl next door, she died on the stepping stone in front of your house."

Baldwin married Hilaria on June 30, 2012, and the couple has a 3-month-old daughter.

In court Baldwin said he had repeatedly asked Sabourin to stop, though he admitted to sending her more sympathetic messages, such as "I'm sorry you're suffering so," in the hope she would be pacified and eventually leave him and his wife alone.

A police detective testified last week that Baldwin described his interactions with Sabourin as strictly professional, but the "Up Late" host acknowledged Tuesday some communications "were more personal than professional."

Throughout Baldwin's testimony Tuesday Sabourin loudly interrupted the actor with outbursts of "He's lying!" Such outbursts continued during Wednesday's session with the judge ordering Sabourin to be held in contempt of court as she kept interrupting her own lawyer making a motion.

Another of Sabourin's messages dated March 20 arrived with the subject line: "One degree of separation!! ;-)" and contains the following: "it's not my attention to draw medias attention into a public scene and argumentation's [sic] with you..."

Sabourin faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted.

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