Mug Shot of the Day: Lauryn Hill After Pleading Guilty to Tax Evasion

No, you're not gazing at Lauryn Hill's next album cover.

Rather, it's the ex-Fugees frontwoman's mug shot taken after pleading guilty in June to tax-evasion charges, but only now being released.

And the expression on her face is certainly not a happy one.

Lauryn Hill pleads guilty to tax-evasion charges, may get prison time

Then again, we wouldn't exactly expect her to be very upbeat considering the 37-year-old singer faces up to three years in prison for her wrongdoing.

Hill had admitted to snubbing the IRS with three years' worth of federal income taxes owed on more than $1.8 million she earned between 2005 and 2007.

Sentencing is set for late November.

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