NJ Mom Gives Birth in Nail Salon

A New Jersey mother who decided to get some extra pampering before giving birth to her second child left the salon with a fresh manicure and a newborn.

Anna Rubinstein of Emerson made a pit stop at the Eden Nail salon in Glen Rock while in labor last Wednesday. Delivering her first child took more than a day, so Rubinstein figured she had plenty of time.

But Rubinstein's labor progressed quickly after she got the manicure. Baby Damien didn't wait for mom to finish the massage, manicure and pedicure. Her husband was summoned to the salon, as was an ambulance. Sergei Rubinstein arrived just in time to see his son delivered in the salon's bathroom. 

NewJersey.com reported that the bundle of joy arrived before Rubinstein's nails were dry.

The salon's owner Nancy Wang was en route to the salon during the delivery. When she arrived, she saw the Rubinsteins cradling the baby in the bathroom. An ambulance arrived shortly after the baby was born.

"Everybody was very nervous," said Wang. "I was very happy the baby was born and everyone was doing fine."

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