Mom, Daughters Re-Create Best-Picture Oscar Nominees for 2016

Storino said she was inspired to launch the Don't Call Me Oscar project a few years ago

Maggie Storino and her daughters' annual photography series, Don't Call Me Oscar, returned Friday with photos of her children striking poses mimicking  this year's Academy Award nominees for best picture.

In addition to star turns by daughters Sophia, 5, and Sadie, 3, the 2016 edition marked the debut of Maggie's 8-month-old daughter, Sloane. The young trio teamed up with their mom to deliver gripping interpretations of "The Big Short," "Bridge of Spies," "Brooklyn," "The Revenant," "Room," "Mad Max: Fury Road," "The Martian" and "Spotlight." 

20th Century Fox, dontcallmeoscar.tumblr.com
Maggie Storino's version of "The Martian" stars her 8-month-old daughter Sloane in place of 2016 Academy Award nominee Matt Damon.

"Between creating sets and discussing the photos, we spend a lot of thought on each photo," Storino told TODAY.com via email Tuesday. "So when it comes time to take the actual picture everyone is excited. Even if someone isn't in the picture, they're in the background trying to get a laugh or, in the case of my husband in 'Big Short,' keeping Sloane from eating Jenga blocks."

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Storino said she was inspired to launch the Don't Call Me Oscar project a few years ago, when her sister, Marnie Hanel, was contributing to Vanity Fair's Academy Awards coverage. "I decided to send her photos of Sophia dressed as the best-picture nominees," Storino wrote. "These were forwarded along so many times, I threw them on a Tumblr to keep them organized." 

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