Missing Jet: Woman Says Co-Pilot Once Let Her Sit In Cockpit

A co-pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 would let passengers sit inside the plane's cockpit during takeoff and landing, NBC News reported. That's according to a woman who said she posed for photos with the pilot after a 2011 Malaysia Airlines flight. Jonty Roos told an Australian TV show that she and a friend were vacationing in Thailand when they were invited into the flight deck by Fariq bin Ab Hamid, a 27-year-old first officer who was on board the missing Boeing 777. “We were standing in line at the boarding gate, just with everybody else and the pilot and co-pilot walked past us and came back and asked us if we would like to sit with them in the cockpit during the flight so obviously we said ‘yes’,” Roos said. “I think anyone would have jumped at the opportunity.”

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