Missing American Couple: Mom Flies to Belgium

The mother of an American accountant missing since the Brussels bombings was flying to Belgium on Thursday after the family said it had been wrongly informed that he had been found, NBC News reported. 

Justin Shults and his wife Stephanie have not been seen since two blasts rocked the check-in hall at the city's airport, killing at least 11 people Tuesday morning. Justin's mom was expected to arrive in Belgium on Thursday. 

The explosions were met just over an hour later with another blast at a metro station in the city. At least 31 people died and more than 270 were wounded between the two sites across the Belgian capital.

Justin, 30, is originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, while 29-year-old Stephanie is from Lexington, Kentucky. They both work as accountants and moved to Brussels in 2014.

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