John Hamm Talks About His “Giant Head,” New Film “Million Dollar Arm” on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”

After his measurements were taken at the "Saturday Night Live" wig department, he was told that only one guy had a bigger head than him: Ben Affleck.

"Million Dollar Arm" star Jon Hamm stopped by "Late Night" and talked to Seth Meyers about past "Saturday Night Live" sketches and the end to his popular series "Mad Men."

Meyers told a story about the first time the two met: at a pitch meeting for "SNL." All of the writers came to session wearing full suits as a nod to the AMC drama. However, the actor came up in casual clothing and felt a bit underdressed.

Then, Hamm talked about a record he was close to setting in the "SNL" wig department.

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"I'm known for having a giant head," Hamm said. "So the first time I went to hair and makeup I asked the ladies there 'I have the biggest head right?'"

After his measurements were taken, he was told that only one guy had a bigger head than him: Ben Affleck.

Hamm said one day he ran into Affleck and gave the "Argo" star one of his Cardinal hats fitted to his own head.

"It sat on top of his head like a little toy hat," Hamm said. "I was like 'that is a giant dome.'"

"So when you two did 'The Town' those were the two biggest heads on 'SNL,'" Meyers joked.

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Meyers also asked Hamm how he would like to see "Mad Men" end.

"I think we've seen Don's downward spiral for quite some time now," Hamm said. "My hope is that it resolves itself with him finding if not happiness, some sort of peace. But I understand that maybe that's not the most exciting thing for viewers because they seem to really like his downward spiral. I also hope it ends up in space." 

Finally, Hamm talked about his new film "Million Dollar Arm" about a sports agent who recruits baseball pitchers in India, hitting theaters May 16. 

Watch the actor's interview on "Late Night" above.

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