Michael Lohan Arrested Again Just Hours After Release

Arrested Tuesday, released, re-arrested Thursday.

How much trouble can one person get into in a day? Well, when the person in question is Michael Lohan...

The estranged father of troubled actress Lindsay was arrested again early this morning just hours after being released from a Tampa, Florida jail where he was being held on domestic violence charges for which he was arrested on Tuesday.

Tampa police received a 911 call from Kate Major, 28, Lohan's girlfriend, during which she reported that Lohan had made several harassing phone calls to her Wednesday afternoon.

With the police in her apartment, Major put Lohan on speaker phone, and based on what they heard the decision was made to arrest him. The police proceeded to the motel where Lohan was staying, and the 51-year-old was apprehended after he tried to flee.

According to a police report, Lohan jumped from a third-story balcony and fled on foot. It is believed Lohan may have broken his foot in the fall, and he will be returned to jail after being released by doctors.

On Tuesday, Lohan was arrested after Major reported that Lohan had threatened her, grabbed her, and pushed her down multiple times. Lohan has a history of harassment-related arrests and accusations.

Lohan's daughter, Lindsay, meanwhile, is possibly facing jail time herself as she awaits a November 2 court date to determine if she violated her probation.

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