Leo, Eisenberg and Morgan? Yeah, We'll Watch It, Whatever It Is

Melissa Leo, fresh off her Best Supporting Actress win, and Jesse Eisenberg, fresh off his Best Actor loss, are joining forces as mother and son in an upcoming film.

Leo and Eisenberg are set to star in "Predisposed," about a junkie and her gifted son, reported Vulture. The action takes place on the day that she's supposed to check into rehab and he's scheduled to interview at Julliard. Because mom has no health insurance, she must be intoxicated upon arrival to be admitted. This necessitates a trip to her dealer, Sprinkles, who is rumored to be played by Tracy Morgan. If you haven't guessed by now, the film is a dark comedy.

co-written by Philip Dorling and Ron Nyswaner, "Predisposed" started as a short film, starring Leo, that was shown at Sundance in 2009. Dorling directed the short, but Nyswayer is said to be directing the feature, whoch plans to shoot this summer, while "30 Rock" is on hiatus.

Nyswayer's writing credits include "Philadelphia" and "Gross Anatomy," and he wrote and directed "The Prince of Pennsylvania," starring Keanu Reeves in 1988. Dorling has worked mostly in the art department, recently on Vera Farmiga's directorial debut, "Higher Ground."

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