“Magic Mike” Trailer Has Us Eager for a RomCom About a Male Stripper

What is this world coming to?

"Magic Mike" has been a source of curiosity for a long time. While Steven Soderbergh was making his previous film, "Haywire," co-star Channing Tatum regaled him with stories from his early life as a stripper. Soderbergh was so enthralled, he decided to help Tatum turn those tales into a feature--"Magic Mike," which has dropped its first trailer.

Tatum stars as Magic Mike, a wildly popular stripper who's making a ton of cash dancing at a club owned and MC'ed by Matthew McConaughey. But Mike's got bigger dreams--he wants to design furniture. Let's be honest--if not for Soderbergh, the whole thing would have us rolling our eyes.

But Soderbergh's recent work has found the director skipping from one genre to the next with no rhyme or reason, as he plays with different forms and styles of filmmaking. His last film, "Haywire," starred real-life MMA Gina Carano as a spy out for revenge and was a '70s-style throwback. If Soderbergh thinks he can bring something new to the romcom, we're happy to give him the benefit of the doubt. And after "21 Jump Street," Tatum's got us convinced that he just may have a future.

"Magic Mike" also stars Alex Pettyfer, Cody Horn and Olivia Munn, and opens June 29--the same day as Tatum's "GI Joe" sequel.

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