Listen Up Guys: Not All T-Shirts Are Created Equal

Shop online to find the coolest T-shirts out there

It's a fact. The right T-shirt can make or break you. Whereas the right one can create an invincible aura of effortless cool, the wrong one can leave you looking like Forrest Gump on the prowl.

Make no mistake about it, the business of T-shirts is bigger than ever, and they are no longer just for the gym or bumming around on the weekend. You can wear them with a jacket, with dress pants or even a suit. But you'll never pull it off if you're sporting one of those oversized, heavy cotton numbers.

The keys to success are light weight, the right fit and a vintage feel.

In recent years, retro looks, distressed fabrics and oftentimes a nice touch of irony have brought the t-shirt out from beneath the dress shirt and into the spotlight. Of course, that can mean ridiculous prices too. Take a trip to Barney's if you want to see the latest $120 options, but if style on a budget is what your after, check out's postings of the best Tees available online. And the good news -- most of them are well under $50.

But tread carefully, my friends, and don't go rushing off down the wrong path and buy some skin-tight thing with a V-neck down to your midsection that you can't pull off. Always use your best judgment, and remember the cardinal rule of menswear: If you think it might look stupid, it probably does.

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