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LISTEN: Philadelphia Eagles Star Fletcher Cox Tells Police He's About to Kill Intruder on 9-1-1 Call

The Philadelphia Eagles' star defensive tackle apparently scared off a man who damaged property at Cox's South Jersey home

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox told a police dispatcher on Oct. 16 that he would kill an intruder if police didn't arrive soon enough, according to audio from a 911 call.

Cox, 28, called from inside his home in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, as shattered glass and loud banging could be heard in the background, according to the seven-minute call released Friday.

"I got someone trying to break into my house and I'm about to blow his brains out right now," Cox is heard telling the police dispatcher. 

The suspect, identified as Corbyn Nyemah, eventually left before Harrison Township police arrived at Cox's house. Officers did catch up with Nyemah as he drove toward Pennsylvania, but they eventually called off the chase as Nyemah crossed the Commodore Barry Bridge.

U.S. Marshals arrested Nyemah later last week.

Nyemah’s ex-girlfriend, who Cox is reportedly dating, was staying at the home at the time, according to the criminal complaint.

Nyemah allegedly texted the woman suicidal messages as well as pictures of him in possession of a firearm, and threw rocks through the window of the woman’s BMW, which was parked outside Cox's house, the complaint said.

Police also said Nyemah tried to enter the garage multiple times before pulling on the front door of the home. When he was unable to get in, he allegedly threw two large rocks at the door, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
Cox then grabbed a shotgun and scared Nyemah off, according to the criminal complaint.

A blue tarp was seen covering the damaged doors outside Cox’s home. Cox refused to comment on the incident when asked by reporters this week.

“I’m only here to talk about football,” he said. “I’m not here to discuss my personal life. If you’ve got anything interesting about the Buffalo Bills and the Eagles organization, I’m willing to talk about it.”

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