Easter Bunny Has Woman Hopping Into Court

Landlord evicted her after she refused to take down holiday decorations

A Colorado woman has the Easter Bunny on her side in her court battle to keep her decorations up long after the holiday passed.

Carol Burdick, 59, of Boulder, says her landlord approached her just days after Easter and told her that the plastic grass, Easter stickers and Peeps displayed around her door had to go, according to  The Associated Press. She refused, sparking an ongoing battle with the building owner.

"An Easter decoration is a religious statement and should be protected — even if it is just bunnies," her attorney John Pineau argued.

Pineau told the Daily Camera that his client refused to remove her holiday display, prompting her landlord to do it for her.  Burdick retaliated by withholding rent, and then, Pineau says, she was hit with an eviction notice in May.

Burdick's attorney said management basically called his client's display, "garbage," by referencing a rule that  balconies, patios and other areas must be kept "in a clean sanitary condition as rationale for their request.

Burdick isn't seeking damages--just that the landlord waive the $2,000 in rent and late fees she withheld from him.

Jury selection begins this week.

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