Lindsay Lohan Defends Racy Gun Photos as “Art”

Lindsay Lohan defended racy photos she posted on her Twitter page earlier this week, ripping into critics who found the images that showed the scantily-clad "Mean Girls" starlet pressing a gun to her lips in poor taste.   

"It's not softcore porn hunny, it's called ART," Lohan tweeted Tuesday.

The controversial images that resulted in a firestorm of criticism from fans show the 23-year-old actress sprawled on the floor and smeared with fake blood and were taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields for his book on the gritty side of glamour.

"Everyone has an idea of Lindsay Lohan and last night I had the pleasure of working with her," Shields wrote on his website after posting the photos Wednesday. "She is a huge art lover and simply wanted to create some and that is exactly what we did!"

The release of the controversial photos come on the heels of a recent run-in with her estranged father Michael Lohan, who last week  reportedly barged into her apartment with cops to check on the welfare of Lindsay and her 16-year-old sister Ali, according to the New York Daily News.

Michael Lohan also said he wants a conservatorship over his daughter, giving him control over Lindsay's personal and business affairs.

Michael said he would do everything in his power to keep Lindsay from "becoming another Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger," according to a statement he released this week.

Lohan's partying lifestyle has recently attracted some attention -- reportedly even from producers of VH1 reality TV show "Celebrity Rehab," according to gossip site, which claimed she refused a $1 million offer to be on the show. Rumors are also swirling that Lohan was fired from the film "The Other Side" for not being bankable.

"I think there's a big misconception of who I am as a person," Lohan said Wednesday in an interview with Los Angeles radio station 102.7 KIIS-FM.

"I am doing a clothing line, I am starting a movie soon, I'm producing some shows," she said. "I've just been working a lot, and it's not a crime to go out and have fun with your friends."

Lohan is on probation for 2007 drinking and drug offenses.

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