Weird Al Takes a Shot at ‘Hamilton’ With New Polka

"The Hamilton Polka" is a polka-mashup of the Broadway hit musical and was released as part of Miranda's "Hamildrops" music series

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al Yankovic have admired and respected each other's work, so it was just a matter of time before "Hamilton's" track got a polka treatment from Yankovic.

The beloved parodist released "The Hamilton Polka," a polka-mashup of the Broadway hit musical as part of Miranda's "Hamildrops" music series. 

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Yankovic miraculously turned Miranda's three-hour play into a five-minute medley highlighting fan favorites like "Alexander Hamilton," "Wait for it," and "You'll Be Back."

The two songwriters will appear on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Friday. 

In a video clip posted on YouTube Fallon and Miranda recorded themselves listening and reacting to "Hamilton Polka" for the first time. 

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