“Law and Order” Theme Has Rabid Following Among Dogs

Pooches can't get enough of that song

It's one of TV's best and longest running dramas, and now "Law and Order" is finding a whole new fan base. 

Unfortunately for NBC it's not the demographic, age group, or even species they're looking for. But there may be some Pedigree or Purina ad dollars on the horizon.

The latest YouTube sensation shows dogs howling along to the theme music of "Law and Order."  There are more than 20 videos online of different dogs howling to the unmistakable track that opens the show.

"I think it's something tonal, similar to when a dog howls at a siren going off," says Katrina Krings from Animal Haven in SoHo.  "We don't really know for sure."

She says there's little research on why dogs howl, but maybe something in their DNA.

"One of the thoughts is that it goes back to their wolfey nature," says Krings.

That makes sense.  The creator of the show is Dick Wolf and Wolf Films produces the show.

The Grammy and Emmy award winning musician who composed the song -- along with the themes of "NYPD Blue," "The A-Team," and "Hill Street Blues" -- says he's seen the online clips of dogs howling at what some consider his masterpiece.

"So all I'm thinking is that somehow I've made a connection with dogs," said composer Mike Post laughingly. "They're getting the message somehow and they can't help themselves.  They're just breaking into song."

Post who loves dogs says if television stops paying the bills (highly unlikely), he wouldn't mind writing music for cannines. .

"I wonder if there's a group of giraffes out there really into the "NYPD Blue" theme song," says Post.

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