‘I Heard Noises at the Door’: Kim Kardashian West Details Paris Robbery in Police Statement

"It’s the one with the ski goggles who stayed with me," she told police.

Kim Kardashian West told Paris police in the hours after she was attacked in her luxury hotel room in October that one of the robbers had pulled out a gun, demanded to know where her diamond engagement ring was, then grabbed her, tied her up and carried her to her bathtub.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star detailed her terrifying ordeal in a police statement obtained by the French Sunday newspaper Journal du Dimanche. A spokesperson for the Paris prosecutor's office confirmed to NBC News the authenticity of the statement.

Kardashian West told police that the violence began while she was working on her computer in the early morning of Oct. 3, a couple hours after her sister Kourtney, her assistant and some friends had left her hotel room. Kardashian was in Paris for fashion week.

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"I heard noises at the door, like footsteps, and I asked shouting who was there, no one answered," she said, according to the account.

Kardashian West said she called for her bodyguard at 2:56 a.m. then saw coming through a sliding door two intruders as well as a worker from guest reception who "was strapped."

Both men were wearing hoods, as well as caps and jackets that had police written on them. One of the men was wearing ski goggles.

"It’s the one with the ski goggles who stayed with me," she told police.

The man, who Kardashian West described as a "European-type individual" with a strong French accent, ripped her BlackBerry phone away from her and asked where her engagement ring was.

"It was placed on the bedside table. It costs 4 million dollars," Kardashian West told police. "I answer him that I don’t know. He takes out a weapon and I show him the ring. He pointed the weapon toward me. He takes the ring, he wears gloves. He asked me where the jewels and the money are."

Kardashian West went on to say: "They catched me and took me in the lobby. I was wearing a bathrobe, naked underneath. Then we went in the room again and they pushed me on the bed. And, at this time, they strapped me with plastic cables and tape on my hands, then they taped my mouth and my legs. They carried me in my bathroom, more specifically in my bathtub."

She added that while she was on the bed they "cleared everything" from her handbag.

Among the $5 million in jewelry that she said was stolen were two diamond Cartier bracelets, three necklaces by Jacob all in gold and diamond, diamond earrings by Lauren Schwartz and Yanina, a gold Rolex watch, two gold rings and another necklace with her son’s name Saint in diamonds.

The men also took two phones, she said.

"During the heist, they had the hotel’s mobile phone which didn’t stop ringing and they were speaking in French. I thought they said they got to leave," she said.

Kardashian West said that she realized her robbers were "a bit young" because of the way she was able to remove the tape from her hands and mouth.

She said she eventually ran to stylist Simone Harouche's room and used her phone to call her sister Kourtney.

The document ends with Kardashian West telling police that she wanted to file a complaint and leave soon on a private plane "to go back to my children in the United States."

Prosecutors in Paris have charged 10 people in connection with the robbery. All but one of the suspects are men, including at least one previously known to police for robbery and money forgery.

Preliminary charges were filed Friday against six suspects ranging in age from 29 to 72 that covered an array of alleged crimes. They included: armed robbery in an organized gang; kidnapping; criminal association; illegal possession of firearms — including a Kalashnikov rifle — and ammunition; use of forged papers and a fake identity, and complicity.

Preliminary charges — the first in the case — were earlier filed against four other people on Thursday.

The robbery is being investigated as a possible inside job.

On Thursday, Kardashian West's sister, Khloe Kardashian, welcomed the filing of charges as a "kind of closure" and denounced the robbery as "a disgusting act."

Rich or poor, nobody deserves "anything to be taken from them," she told The Associated Press.

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