Ken Bone’s Past Comments Come to Light in Reddit Session

When questioned about some of his comments, Bone responded, "I'm not running for president. I can say whatever I want"

Ken Bone is learning what it's like to be famous. 

The Illinois man who became an internet sensation after asking a question of the candidates while wearing a bright red sweater during Sunday's presidential debate answered questions on Reddit late Thursday and early Friday. 

Bone included his Reddit username in a Twitter post announcing the session. Those who looked up the name found Bone has shared his thoughts on everything from images of a pregnant woman in a bikini to the increased "sexual satisfaction" he found after undergoing a vasectomy. 

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In another post, he commented that the 2012 fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin was justified, but also expressed contempt for the shooter, George Zimmerman. 

When questioned about some of his comments, Bone responded, "I'm not running for president. I can say whatever I want."

Bone became a star after asking a debate question focused on energy policy. 

"I work in coal fired electricity and it's a big concern where I live in southern Illinois, the St. Louis metro area," he told NBC DFW afterward. "We have a lot of coal workers in power and coal mining and the perception is we're putting money ahead of the environment, and that's not true." 

A parody account soon surfaced alongside a Facebook fan group after the event. 

"I take it all in stride," Bone told NBC DFW of the attention. "I'm just glad so many people are paying attention to the political process, even if their favorite part of the political process is a ridiculous Christmas sweater." 

Bone added that he planned to reserve his decision on who to vote for until after the final debate on Oct. 19. 

"Secretary Clinton I thought had a very impressive performance," he said. "I was leaning more towards Trump before but the whole experience has left me I think with more of an open mind."

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