Katie Couric Makes Return to “Today,” Hints at Future Plans

"It's so weird to be back."

Katie Couric found herself in the unusual position of sitting across from Matt Lauer in the "Today Show" interview chair on NBC this morning, facing questions from her former colleague about her plans now that it appears more and more likely that she will leave her position as anchor of "CBS Evening News."

Couric, who appeared on the show to promote her book of essays "The Best Advice I Ever Got," stopped short of confirming the exit, but did give some hints as to what direction she might be leaning.

When asked by Lauer if she would be interested in a syndicated talk show, Couric admitted she was interested in "finding a subject, digging deep, and having really intelligent conversations." She added that she would prefer a format that "[showed] my true personality." 

"I want to roll up my sleeves and dig into a subject," she said. "Where I don't feel pressured from outside forces." 

Lauer than asked if Couric envisioned a show along the lines of Oprah Winfrey's or Ellen Degeneres'.

"Well, I am a good dancer," she quipped.

The jokey, relaxed interview ended with Couric claiming she had "no regrets" about tackling the CBS position, and that she will make a decision about her future "in the next few weeks." 

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