Justin Bieber Surpasses Lady Gaga, Becomes Most Followed Person on Twitter

The Queen of Twitter is dead--long live the King! Selena Gomez's ex trumps Mother Monster as Beliebers show love online.

We're not saying this is all down to Justin Bieber's bare-bottomed twitpic, but we're sure it didn't hurt.

In any case, the timing is everything, and not long after Selena Gomez's off-again love mooned his fans, he surpassed Lady Gaga to become the most followed person on Twitter.

That's right, the onetime Queen of Twitter is dead. Long live the King.

Justin's got back! Check out Bieber's mooning twitpic

As of last count Tuesday morning, the 18-year-old superstar had a whopping 33,333,554 Beliebers (and counting) to Gaga's still whopping but now slightly less so 33,328,937 Little Monsters.

Neither star has yet acknowledged this momentous milestone.

However, just last week, Bieber passed the 33-million-follower mark and trended the hashtag #33MillIonBeliebers in celebration.

See Selena Gomez sing "Cry Me a River"--you listening, Justin?

Gaga fans can take solace in the fact that Mother Monster is still tops on Facebook, however, with 54.98 million likes to Bieber's 50.66 million.

But that's not the only online overtaking Bieber may have up his sleeve. His Instagram followers currently top out around 6.1 million, not too far off from the reigning queen, Kim Kardashian, who has 6.3 million followers on the photo-sharing site.

Uh, not that it's a popularity contest or anything...but it obviously totally is.

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