In Memoriam: Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins’ SNL Careers

Two women are let go from NBC hit

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It's time for a new Saturday Night Live season to start up, which among other things means we have to deal with who got canned and replaced for the next season. This year the casualties are relatively light, as we're only losing Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins (and not Bobby Moynihan, apparently, though we should), but it's always sad when these things happen. Remember Jerry Minor? Probably not, but I miss that guy! Anyway, in the wake of this (semi) tragedy, let's review where these ladies may have gone wrong, shall we?

Casey Wilson is a weird situation because when I heard she got canned I was all outraged but when I went to look for clips of her to support my claims that she is awesome I couldn't find anything decent, and then I remembered that awful Katy Perry parody she did that reran last weekend, and just realized -- maybe she's just been terrible this entire time and I somehow overlooked it? That never happens, but I can't remember one single thing she ever did that I really loved. I guess she's more likeable and relatable than hysterically funny. But at any rate, she wrote Bride Wars, and that made a little money (despite utterly brutal reviews), so hopefully she has some chick flick penning job security. I did find this sketch, which she did some decent work in, though. It wasn't earth-shattering, but it was fine. They've got their whole lives behind them!

Michaela Watkins, on the other hand, seems like an odd firing to me. She was an awkward fit at times, but she's clearly talented. Her Hoda contributions were exquisite straight-man performances, and though it wasn't the most popular thing in the world, I personally loved that blogger character. Probably because I too spend my days being a troll-like blogger and see myself in this girl a lot more than I'd care to admit. But if nothing else, it's a dead-on depiction of people in this profession:

Hopefully Lorne really meant what she claims he said to her about deserving her own sitcom. She's great. For now, though, I'm pulling for the two new girls, Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad. I've actually seen Jenny perform in NYC, and she's absolutely hilarious. Hopefully the show doesn't get in her way and let's her be great. Sadly, that's not always a guarantee, no matter how talented you are.

How are you feeling about the firings? Betrayed? Bewildered? High-fiving Lorne? Talk about it below.

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