‘It's Immoral': Decomposed Dog Found Inside Suitcase in Chester

Humane officers in Delaware County are searching for the person who zipped a dog into a suitcase and left the animal to die.

A passer-by made the horrible discovery Friday near W. 2nd and Pusey Streets in Chester, Pennsylvania, the Delaware County SPCA said. They noticed a dog's partially-decomposed leg sticking out of a navy blue suitcase with the words Cayman Islands printed inside.

When animal control officers arrived, they opened the case to find the canine's decomposed body.

SPCA officials said there were claw marks across the inside of the suitcase and the dog's teeth were clenched on a mesh pouch inside leading them to believe the animal was alive when it was put in the case.

"Not only is it illegal, it's immoral, it's unethical, it's inhumane, it's unhuman," Ron Riggle, a humane officer, said in a statement.

The agency's medical director believes the canine was a young adult based on a tooth analysis. The dog could've been inside the suitcase for a few weeks or few months.

Anyone with information about the death is asked to call Officer Ron Riggle at 610.566.1370 x214 or email

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