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Life After the White House: How Obama Spent His 1st Year Out of Office

Those who know Barack Obama best say he doesn’t miss being commander in chief

Leaving office was a change Barack Obama could believe in.

In the year after he handed the most powerful job in the world to Donald Trump, Obama's foray into post-presidential life has included globe-trotting, book-writing, speech-giving and the unmistakable perks of semiprivate life — like sleep and nights out with Michelle, his wife and former first lady, NBC News reported.

And while he has managed to largely stay out of the chaos that has mired Washington after his exit — minus a few public policy-related pronouncements — Obama has charged ahead with building his foundation and presidential center, ending 2017 with a pair of campaign rally appearances that revealed his love for the stump.

Those who know Obama best, however, say he doesn’t miss being commander in chief and is happy having returned to a somewhat normal life.

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