How Much Will Exercise Slash the Calories From Your Favorite Halloween Treats?

3 Fun-sized Kit Kat Bars: 20-minute run

More than a few parents have been known to help themselves to their kid’s Halloween candy, but new research showing how long it takes to burn off those calories may have them thinking twice.

What does it take to burn it all off?

Sweetkick Co-Founder Harley Pasternak explains how to celebrate Halloween while avoiding overindulging on candy.

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• 20 pieces of Candy Corn: Play ping pong for 30 minutes.

• 2 fun-sized Snickers bars: One-hour Hatha yoga class.

• Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: Swim laps for 15 minutes.

• 3 Fun-sized Kit Kat Bars: 20-minute run.

• Fun-sized Hershey’s Chocolate bar: Slowly jump rope for 10 minutes.

• Fun-sized Almond Joy: 15 minutes of golf.

• Fun-sized Whoppers: Jog one mile.

Remember, the more candy you eat, the more exercise you’ll need to do to maintain your weight!

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