Holiday Gift Guide: Fun With Tech

We’ve got a variety of tech devices that could work for a wide range of people on your holiday shopping list. Unfortunately, there are no jet packs – yet.

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Turtle Beach
The 50mm over-the-ear speakers provide clear, crisp sounds in games, letting players feel surrounded by the action instead of just what is in front of them. Turtle Beach has a Superhuman Hearing feature that increases important noises in a game like soft footfalls or a weapon reloading.
The Blackout Spark is designed for a wide range of recording sessions. The microphone pattern is designed to reduce background noise and is the perfect choice for a single speaker. Filters eliminate computer or console noises, while an inhibitor will help keep voices clear during the most intense battles.
Larry Frum
If you want something a little secretive while standing in plain sight, the Canary All-in-One looks like a simple black cylinder but packs a wide range of sensors to keep you in the know about the conditions inside your home.
You can have the camera say one of the Minions’ many famous catchphrases from their movies with the push of a button. If you have your own saying, use the microphone’s filter to make your own voice sound like a Minion.
While it might seem a bit weird, the configuration of the buttons makes it very comfortable to use. It is like you are shaking hands with your computer though the VerticalMouse.
Even before you can take to the sky, special packaging majestically plays official music from the movies to herald the arrival of your drone. The box also doubles as a display stand, complete with lighting from below to accentuate the details of the X-Wing.
The new S Series Ani-Digi Step Tracker automatically keeps track of steps but also offers different display readouts to help anyone keep on pace. A non-active alert keeps people moving toward their goal.
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