Why Hillary Clinton’s Outfit on Inauguration Day Made a Bold Statement

While Inauguration Day fashion made headlines everywhere Friday, Hillary Clinton's wardrobe was noted for the subtle yet powerful message it carried.

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Hillary Clinton's fashion choices have long received attention and supporters thought she made another prominent statement during the inauguration of President Donald Trump.
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Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, were among the many dignitaries in attendance during the inauguration Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.
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Clinton donned a Ralph Lauren pantsuit, sticking to her signature look — one that became a movement among her supporters during the campaign.
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Many of Clinton's supporters considered themselves part of the "pantsuit nation," a salute to her attire.
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But it was more than just the pantsuit that stood out as part of Clinton's wardrobe.
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While Trump's daughter Ivanka also wore white at the inauguration, Clinton's color choice was noted by supporters on social media as making a significant statement during the event.
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The color white is often associated with peace.
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But it is also tied to the women's suffrage movement.
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According to the National Woman's Party, white is the emblem of purity and symbolizes the quality of the movement's purpose.
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Clinton wore a white pantsuit as well when she accepted her party's nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in July.
Hundreds of thousands of women across the globe marched the day after the inauguration, many making a statement against Trump, whose past comments about grabbing women by their genitals sparked national backlash during the campaign.
Some of the demonstrators held up signs that asserted women's rights as human rights -- a theme of a famous speech that Clinton gave in China as first lady.
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Clinton tweeted praise for the demonstrators, thanking attendees for “standing, speaking and marching for our values.” It's as “important as ever,” she said.
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Clinton also revived her campaign slogan, tweeting she believes “we're always Stronger Together.”
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It's not the first time Clinton has made a statement with her choice of wardrobe color.
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Her outfit choice during her concession speech to Trump made similar headlines.
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The Democratic candidate appeared before cameras in a black blazer with purple lapels and a shirt of the same color, again by designer Ralph Lauren. Her husband wore a purple tie. Anne Holton, wife of former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, also wore a dress with purple accents.
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Politically, the color purple a color of unity among the Republican and Democratic parties, which are represented by the colors red and blue, respectively.
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During elections, swing states are often called "purple states," referring to their ability to support either the Republican or Democratic party.
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The color purple also has important significance to the women's suffrage movement.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Purple is the color of loyalty, the constancy of purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause," according to the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage mission statement quoted by the New York Times.
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And Clinton is Methodist, a religion that uses purple to signify royalty and penitence, especially during Advent and Lent.
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