Grand Jury Indicts Kansas Man in Fort Riley Bomb Plot

A federal grand jury in Kansas has indicted a Topeka man on charges he planned to carry out a suicide attack at an Army installation on behalf of the terror group ISIS, NBC News reported. John T. Booker Jr., 20, was arrested April 10 outside of Fort Riley while he allegedly trying to arm what he believed was a bomb inside a van. The device was non-explosive and was provided by an FBI informant, the government said. Booker was indicted on three charges including attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. If convicted, he could face life in prison. The arrest is one of several recent cases of Americans being charged with trying to support ISIS from the United States. On Thursday, federal charges were filed against an Ohio man who allegedly went to Syria, received military training and returned to Columbus where he talked about carrying out an attack in the U.S.

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