Funeral for Victims of Carjacking Crash Likely to Take Place Monday

Three children, all from the same family, were killed when they were hit by the out of control SUV

A funeral will likely take place next Monday for the three children who were killed during a carjacking hit-and-run in North Philadelphia.

Joseph Thomas Reed, 10, his sister Keiearra Williams, 15, and brother Terrence Moore, 7, were struck and killed Friday when a carjacked SUV plowed into a fruit stand where they were volunteering on a street corner in the Tioga section of the city.

The children's mother, 34-year-old Keisha Williams, was critically injured while their neighbor, 65-year-old Thelma Brown, broke an ankle. An MRI will be performed on Brown on Tuesday and she could be released that same day.

According to neighbors and a city councilman, the funeral for the children is expected to take place on Monday at 11 a.m. at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 16th and Oxford Streets. However, they also say the information is preliminary and could be subject to change. Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams also announced that NBA legend and former Philadelphia 76er Charles Barkley offered to pay for the funerals of the children.

A rally, organized by the Father's Day Rally Committee, will also be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the site of the crash. Community grief counseling will be available during the event.

The two suspects in the deadly carjacking and crash - Cornelius Crawford, 23, and Jonathan Rosa, 19 - were charged Monday with second-degree murder, robbery, carjacking, sexual assault and other offenses.

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