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Frustrated Burglar Steals Speakers From Delco Business

Police are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video stealing speakers from a Delaware County car security business.

The unidentified man broke into Car, Sound and Security Incorporated on the 200 block of South Chester Pike in Glenolden, Pa. Sunday night, using a screw driver to break a hole through the window.

Surveillance video showed the man repeatedly try and break a display case once he made his way inside. First he tried to break the glass with his screwdriver. When that didn’t work, he tried to kick it and jump on it. 

“You can actually see at one point he jumps up on his feet,” Strano said. “Both feet land on the security glass but the glass doesn’t give way.”

Still unable to break the glass, the suspect then walked away in frustration, unknowingly tripping a silent alarm in the process.

“When the alarm company contacted me in the middle of the night, my attitude was more like, ‘it’s a false alarm again,’” Strano said.

Not knowing a burglary was actually taking place, Strano told his company not to call the police. A resident who lives near the store called 911 however after he heard glass break. Meanwhile, the suspect returned, this time with a mask on his face and a new goal.

“The last thing you see in the video is him leaving and carrying a big box of speakers right out the window,” Strano said.

The suspect stole a box of Focal speakers worth $700 from the store and then fled the scene. Strano told NBC10 it was the first time his store has ever been broken into.

“I’ll definitely ramp up security,” Strano said. “I’ll definitely get better cameras and I’m considering placing bars on the windows.”

If you have any information on the theft, please call Glenolden Police at (610) 583-3221.

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