“Frog Crossing” Signs Leave Taxpayers Hopping Mad

It's a waste of money, some complain

Pedestrian crossing, check. Deer crossing, check. Frog crossing, what????

Taxpayers in an upstate New York country are jumping mad about new signs warning drivers of locations where frogs like to hop across the road. They say telling drivers to look out for the limber little amphibians is pointless and spending money on the signs is a waste of money.

"During these economic times, this is just absurd," Sodus Town Supervisor Steve LeRoy told WHAM-TV. "New York State is laying people off and we're trying to find money for water, and construction projects. It's ridiculous."

The signs have recently popped up near Chimney Bluffs State Park, in the Finger Lakes region, after a new state ordinance took effect, according to the Finger Lakes Daily News. State officials could not say if they were there to protect a particular species of frog.

"I just can't imagine anybody stopping their vehicle for a frog," LeRoy said.

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