“Friday Night Lights” Author Comes Clean About Shopping Addiction

"Friday Night Lights" author Buzz Bissinger revealed he has battled a shopping addiction, tallying his spending at $587,412 on designer threads in less than three years.

In "My Gucci Obsession," his essay published in April's edition of GQ, the best-selling author and Vanity Fair contributing editor explains how he felt confined by the typical professional male attire, opting for a new androgynous rocker look costing over half a million dollars. He relates the experience of purchasing new clothing to drug use and the rush of sexual climaxes, a feeling that propelled his shopping.

Although he recognizes that he has not overcome the addiction, Bissinger is seeing a therapist, working on his third marriage, and recently "checked himself into rehab," he said in a statement to "Today."

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In the article, he reflects on a lonely time in his life when his wife began work as an administrator at New York University Abu Dhabi and his youngest son began college. The pressure after the incredible success of "Friday Night Lights," which was his first work, caused him to turn to a new venue of self-expression that allotted him the attention and stimulation he craved as a writer.

As a regular buyer of both men's and women's clothes, Bissinger shared his struggle to find sexual satisfaction and said he could be an extreme narcissist.

In a statement to NBC News, Bissinger says that he does not have any regrets about the piece and that his goal was to help others struggling through addictions or having trouble expressing themselves.

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