UPDATE: Chester County authorities determined the Kennett Square incident was a hoax.

Local authorities are urging parents to carefully check their children's Halloween candy after what appear to be sewing needles and pins were found in a half-dozen chocolate bars given out to trick-or-treating children in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Police in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania said they were notified about midnight Sunday that Halloween candy handed out in the borough's Stenning Hills section had been tampered with. Needles were discovered inside five wrapped Twix bars handed out to four different children in the area, police said.

Sunday afternoon, a 12-year-old turned in a sixth candy bar — a Snickers — with a needle in it, police said. Police also said the two children who reported the tampered chocolate bars don't know each other even though they were both trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood. Police interviewed the first child, Miguel Luna, and plan on interviewing the second child who came forward. 

Police believe the tampered-with candy was given out in the area of South Union Street and West South Street. They said the original parent who reported finding the needles checked his kids' candy after seeing a Facebook post about someone else finding needles in Snickers candy. It's not clear if that post was about the Snickers the 12-year-old turned in Sunday afternoon.

The Kennett Square Police Department first alerted the community via its Facebook page on Sunday morning to the candy that had apparently been tampered with, saying that a "needle-type item was found inside five wrapped Twix bars given to four different children the evening of Oct. 31, 2015 in the Stenning Hills area of the borough."
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Police said they immediately began investigating and that the candy and wrappers have been submitted for extra examination. They later released photos of the candy in question showing needles sticking out of the chocolate bars.

"The police department continues to urge parents to check all candy received prior to ingestion, and people with candy leftover that was not distributed to check it for tampering," the post on the police department's Facebook page read.

In Gloucester County, New Jersey, Woodbury Heights Police said they received a report of a needle or pin being found in a Snickers Almond chocolate bar.

Michelle Garwood, who lives in the town, posted several photos to Facebook Sunday showing a small pin or nail sticking out of a Snickers Almond bar. She wrote the candy was given to her children in the area of St. Margaret's Church and that her brother-in-law found the object after biting into the candy.

Garwood said she called police to notify them and planned to turn it in on Monday. Despite not seeing the candy, police again urged parents to check each piece for allowing kids to eat it.

In both cases, it's not clear whether the problems with the candy originated at the manufacturer, if someone giving candy out inserted the needles or the incidents were hoaxes.

Police asked that anyone with information about candy tampering contact their respective department.

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