FEMA Is Deploying or Supporting Vaccination Sites in 11 States

Federally supported vaccination sites are already up and running in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Washington, the agency said

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is deploying or supporting vaccination sites in at least 11 states after President Joe Biden ordered the government to get on a war footing in his mission to vaccinate 300 million Americans by summer's end, NBC News reports.

The states are Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, according to a FEMA official. A site was also being set up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the official said.

Four of those states, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Washington, were home to nine federally supported vaccination sites running since Wednesday, the agency said in a statement. FEMA personnel were being deployed to multiple other states, the agency said.

"Additional staff across the country are supporting virtually, while the U.S. National Guard Bureau is providing staffing, administrative and logistics support to vaccines sites in 22 states," it said.

The agency, which has budgeted $1.2 billion for its Covid-19 mission, said it will reimburse states that deploy their National Guard troops to assist at vaccination sites.

Federal assistance will also go to states' pop-up and mobile vaccination clinics, FEMA said.

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