Fidel's Death? We're Ready, Says Homeland Chief

Only one of "many scenarios that could trigger a mass migration from Cuba"

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, learned a thing or two about managing a porous border as the governor of Arizona. Now her responsibilities extend to Florida and the island nation just 90 miles off its shores.

"There are many scenarios that could trigger a mass migration from Cuba and this is not the first administration that has gone through the what ifs regarding Cuba," Napolitano told Wolf Blitzer of CNN, according to a transcript on AZ Central. "So the preparation has been done and it’s constantly revised to make sure it matches current situations."

The most obvious "scenario," of course, is the death of Cuban strongman Fidel Castro, a prospect that has tantalized and terrified U.S. presidents for a half-century.

"So the Coast Guard is doing exercises and they are worried about this?" asked Blitzer.

"The Coast Guard is doing exercises," Napolitano assured the career fear merchant.

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