Facebook For the Rich

Just looking at the ads for private jets, jewelry and sports cars on the exclusive website Affluence.org you can tell who the customers are, and they are rich.

Affluence.org resembles Facebook.com, with pictures of members and easy ways to chat. In just a few months, the site has attracted more than 30,000 members.

One popular section, according to the site’s CEO, is “Lifestyle.” It features articles by members on Chicago nightlife, culture in Dubai and shopping in Paris.

But, before you rush to sign up, know that only 1 in 40 applicants are “accepted” as members. You have to be rich, or have friends who are, to become a member of this elite group.

“We went out and targeted people with a minimum net worth of $3 million or an annual income of $300,000,” CEO Scott Mitchell said.

Of those accepted, about one third have inherited their money. To make sure you fit in, the company scrutinizes tax and land records of applicants.

If you don’t have that much money in your bank account or other such holdings, you still might qualify. Recommending five friends who do quality will make you a member, Mitchell said.

Member Bob Smith showed NBCConnecticut some of the “friends” he has made on the website.

We agreed to protect the identity of other members, but we can say they include a publisher, a movie director and a member of a royal family in India. There’s another person whose name we can’t share, but is almost like American royalty, pictured with President Obama and all!

“Trust is hard when you’re wealthy, when you have money, position, status of any kind,” said Smith, who coaches corporate leaders for a living. 

On Affluence.org, he doesn't feel like he is communicating with a sea of millions of strangers. 

On the site, Smith will spark up discussions on all kinds of topics, which can range from aliens to a world currency. He’s also made some business contacts, which adds even more to his bottom line.

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