Emma Stone Guests On “Saturday Night Live”

Fresh off  from her starring role in the movie comedy “Easy A,” rising star Emma Stone hosted “Saturday Night Live” last night.

Saying that being on the program was “a dream come true,” the 21-year-old Stone (“Superbad,” “Zombieland”) gave a piece of advice from her own experience to 14-year-old-girls during her monologue: “Drop out of school and move to L.A. It always works out.” Several of the male cast members portrayed nerds in the audience unsuccessfully trying to convince the actress to make out with them.

Stone played several-youth oriented roles on the program. She portrayed a disinterested teenager pressed by a TV reporter (played by Bill Hader) about dangerous trends facing young people such as “souping”  and "trampolining."

She was also a friend to 11-year-old Morgan (Nasim Pedrad) Everything,” who dishes out personal stuff about her older brother (Andy Samberg) on her Web cam show “My Brother Knows Everything.”

Bearing a passable resemblance to Lindsay Lohan, Stone portrayed the troubled starlet who guests on “The View” and said she couldn’t go to jail because of her movie career and new perfume line.

In the SNL Digital Short, “I Broke My Arm,” Stone played a girl who keeps getting into an accident in the cafeteria by slipping on grape jelly, and gradually injuring herself to serious proportions.

Other highlights from the show included a Wrangler commercial featuring football star Bret Favre hawking “open fly jeans” (a reference to his recent troubles involving alleged texts messages), and Googie Rene’s Halloween Discount Costume Basement, in which the proprietor, played by Thompson, sells subpar, rundown costumes. Thompson also portrayed Jimmy McMillan, the New York gubernatorial candidate from The Rent Is Too Damn High Party during the Weekend Update segment.

The musical guests from last night were Kings of Leon, who recently released their new album "Come Around Sundown."

Next week’s program will be hosted by Mad Men star Jon Hamm with musical guest Rihanna.

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