New “Dragon Tattoo” Book Title and Cover Revealed

Great news for Lisbeth Salander fans:

It's been a whopping five years since the release of "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest," the third and (presumed) final book in Stieg Larsson's "Millenium" series. Readers have had to placate themselves by watching the (slightly inferior) movies or simply poring over the trilogy again and again. But come September 1, there'll be a whole new novel to devour.

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Knopf, the book's publisher, just released the cover as well as the title, "The Girl in the Spider's Web." According to a press release, it will once again follow protagonists Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist–with storylines centered on hacking and corruption. But there's going to be a bit of a modern-day twist, with the National Security Agency and Silicon Valley jumping into the mix.

Knopf Doubleday

Unfortunately, "Spider's Web" isn't a long-lost treasure from the late Larsson (who died before the first of the "Millenium" trilogy could be published), but it's the next best thing. The novel is written by author David Lagercrantz, who was chosen by Larsson's estate and his publishers in Sweden to continue the Lisbeth Salander storyline. Knopf has promised that readers will appreciate the fourth iteration just as much as they did the first three.

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