District Apologizes After Upper Darby Students Dress as KKK for History Class

A picture circulating online showing Upper Darby High School students dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan has the district issuing an apology.

The costumes were part of a class assignment last year meant to depict the historical impact of the 1920s. But district leaders say the assignment was not meant to harm anyone but they say it was in poor judgment.

The photo was posted to social networks last year, but resurfaced this week.

Educators like Christy Kenney-Quinn, a high school teacher in Philadelphia, questioned why it happened.

“I think that's an inappropriate assignment. I don't think that we need to dress like the KKK to talk about the historical time period,” she said.

Administrators, teachers and staff were already undergoing diversity training across the district.

The school also expects to begin working with students about this issue on Monday.

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