Discovery Nears Reality TV Deal With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is close to striking a deal with Discovery Communications for her Alaska travel reality show -- even with her asking price reportedly close to $1.2 million per episode.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Discovery has edged out rival A&E Network's in the bidding for "Sarah Palin's Alaska." No figure was listed for what the actual payout would be.

The agreement is expected to have an official announcement in the next few days.

The report states the obvious --  "a network paying anywhere close to that (asking) figure would make 'Alaska" one of the most expensive nature series ever produced." It will also make the cast of "Friends" and "Seinfeld" green with envy over their comparatively paltry per episode payouts.

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It is still undecided which Discovery Communications channel the show would go on. It could fit with mom-friendly TLC (the "L" is meant to stand for learning) or on the Discovery Channel.

The hi-def program will be shot in a style similar to Discovery's recent hit "Life" with Palin acting as a guide to the Alaskan outdoors.

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