Woman's Lawsuit Against Wawa Over Alleged Slip on Splattered Hoagie Can Continue, Judge Rules

A judge agreed that Lisa Donovan didn't need to find an expert to say the store was negligent for not sweeping up trash in the parking lot

A woman who says she slipped on the remnants of a sandwich can continue her lawsuit against a popular convenience store chain, a Delaware judge said last week.

Lisa Donovan says she slipped and fell on "hoagie guts," or discarded sandwich pieces, in the parking lot of a Wawa store in 2014.

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Defense attorneys asked for summary judgment in their favor, arguing that Donovan had failed to identify a liability expert on the issue of whether the store was negligent.

Donovan argued that an expert was unnecessary because the need to sweep up trash in a parking lot is something the average person can understand.

The judge agreed with Donovan last week, saying a splattered hoagie in a parking lot is no different than water on the floor of a grocery store.

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