No Charges at This Point in Deadly Delaware High School Bathroom Brawl

Three girls, considered persons of interest in the teen's death, have been suspended from school

Police have no immediate plans to file charges in a Delaware high school bathroom brawl that left a teen dead, but the Wilmington police chief says the investigation is not over.

Detectives determined no weapons were used in the April 21 fight at Howard High School of Technology, Chief Bobby Cummings said Friday afternoon.

Amy Joyner-Francis, 16, fell unconscious after the brawl and was taken to a nearby hospital, where she died. An autopsy was performed, but the results haven't been released because the investigation is ongoing, the coroner said.

"These things take time," Cummings said of the investigation. "We are not at a position at this time to file charges."

Three girls, considered persons of interest, were suspended by school officials this week. They have not been identified.

NBC10/Family Photo
Amy Joyner-Francis, 16, died after a fight inside a bathroom at her Wilmington, Delaware high school, police said.

Joyner-Francis complained of head and chest pain after the fight, involving at least two other girls, which took place in a first-floor women's room at the start of classes that day.

A school resource officer called 911 and Joyner-Francis lost consciousness before medics arrived. CPR was performed as she was flown to a nearby children's hospital.

The girl's death left the high school community reeling. Students held vigils and mourned their friend's death and parents flooded school officials with calls about student safety. The school held two nights of parent meetings to allay parent's fears.

Cummings did not say when police may wrap up the investigation, but assured the community that it would be thorough.

Classmates of Amy Joyner-Francis held a small memorial for the 16-year-old outside their Wilmington, Delaware school Monday morning. The girl died following a fight inside school last Thursday.

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