Dashcam Video Sought of Second Fatal Chicago Police Shooting

Amid the fallout over the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald, activists and family members of another young African American killed by a Chicago officer are asking for an investigation.

There are similarities between the deaths of Laquan McDonald and Ronald Johnson, a 25-year-old who died only eight days before McDonald. The most glaring similarity between the two cases is the dashcam video of the shooting that the city is fighting to keep hidden from the public.

Although the video has not been released by the city, the Johnson family and attorney Michael Oppenheimer have viewed the dashcam video. There is no audio on it – even though the videos typically have sound. There was also no audio on the dashcam video from the fatal shooting of McDonald.

Johnson's mother Dorothy Holmes believes the dashcam video of her son's death will clear his name.

"He didn't have a gun in his hand because I also have seen the video," Holmes said. "I looked at it twice."

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