Nutter Calls 911 After Cyclist Struck

Philadelphia's top official swooped in to help a bicyclist who broke both legs after being struck along a road popular for both commuting and recreation Thursday.

Mayor Michael Nutter called 911 to get the man medical aid after being called to the scene by an employee who came upon a crash that occurred when a car struck a 52-year-old cyclist as he rode along the Martin Luther King Drive near Sweet Briar in Fairmount Park around 9 a.m.

Nutter was only a short distance away and rushed to the scene, getting there before any police or medics arrived.

A witness captured a photo of the mayor on the scene with two other people.

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"He stopped because he wanted to help," Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald said.

Upon arriving, Nutter called 911 as his security detail secured the scene. Nutter said the unidentified victim was complaining of numbness in his legs and was bleeding from his mouth.

"I kept talking to him, he was fully conscious -- he was in pain -- but he was conscious and we just told him to sit tight," said Nutter.

Nutter stayed on the scene until emergency personnel rushed the man to Hahnemann Hospital in critical condition with both legs broken.

No other injuries were reported.

McDonald said the mayor was glad to do what he could during this unpleasant incident. He also understood why people took notice even though the mayor himself didn't tweet about the event or search out any press about his role.

"When you're the mayor people take note of it," McDonald said.

The driver of the car stayed on the scene and the roadway was closed at Sweet Briar, causing backups on Sweetbriar Drive and Lansdowne Drive.

The Schuylkill Expressway or the Kelly Drive across the Schuylkill River were used as alternates until authorities cleared the scene around 11 a.m.

The exact cause of the crash wasn't immediately released.

MLK Drive, located on the west side of the Schuylkill River, is a popular path for bikers, walker and runners and even closes on weekend in the warmer months for recreational purposes. It's not clear if the cyclist was riding in the roadway or not.

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