Cure for Finals Week Stress: 10 Puppies

Another brilliant idea from the Active Minds Club

Telemundo Arizona

Finals week is here for students at Chapman University in Orange. And with it comes stress, study sessions and long sighs of frustration.

The solution: 10 puppies.

Maltese, Yorkie, pug and dachshund pups will be stationed outside the university's library on Wednesday. Students can pet and play with the animals to relieve stress in the middle of "Cram Week."

It's called "Furry Friends for Finals." Members of the university's Active Minds Club are behind this brilliant idea.

"It has been proven that having a dog helps relieve stress, so we  thought it would be a cute idea if we brought some furry friends on campus,"  Jennifer Heinz, a sophomore and integrated educational studies major who helped  organize the event, told The LA Times.

Heinz should know. Her poodle-and-Maltese mix, Bindi, helps her deal with stress.

Active Minds will also have pamphlets and resources available on how  students can reduce stress and take care of themselves during finals, Megan  Brown, the group's advisor and a counselor for Student Psychological Counseling  Services, told the newspaper.

"Research has shown that animals can reduce anxiety and stress," said  Brown, who is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She said many students miss the pets they left behind at home.

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The puppies will be  provided by Puppies & Reptiles for Parties, a Torrance-based company.

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